Community Development Alliance Scotland

Community Development in Contradictory Times

CDAS and the Scottish Community Development Centre are promoting discussions about the principles and implications of different approaches to community development in Scotland. A Briefing Paper has been written on their behalf by Dr. Akwugo Emejulu, University of Edinburgh and … Continue reading

How can we put social innovation to work for the people of Scotland? A collaborative enquiry

The Melting Pot has published a report, “How Can We Put Social Innovation to Work for the People of Scotland? A Collaborative Approach” . Commissioned by the Scottish Government, the report presents the process and findings of a series of “National … Continue reading

Community Development in Europe Framework

This new framework brings together the work of the European Community Development Network (Chair: Stuart Hashagen) to establish a shared understanding of community development across Europe. The framework is based on the values and principles of collective learning, empowerment, meaningful participation, … Continue reading

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