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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Responses to Consultations

 Consultation: Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill  (2013-4 consultation)

CDAS response

Consultation: The Requirements for Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations 2013

SSI – CDAS response

Consultation: Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill (2012 consultation)

CERB – CDAS response

Consultation: Strategic Guidance for Community Learning and Development

Strategic Guidance – CDAS response

Consultation: Review of Unified Voluntary Sector and CLD Headquarters Funds

UVF and CLD HQ Funds – CDAS response

Consultation: Building a Sustainable Future: Scottish Government Regeneration Discussion Paper

Sustainable Future – CDAS Response

Consultation: Christie Commission on the Future of Public Services in Scotland

Christie Commission – CDAS Response

Consultation: A Framework for Community Action on Climate Change

Climate framework – CDAS Response

Consultation: Patients’ Rights Bill for users of the NHS in Scotland

Patients rights – CDAS Response

Consultation: Scottish Government Discussion Paper on Tackling Poverty, Inequality and Deprivation in Scotland

Povery and deprivation – CDAS Response

Consultation: Local Healthcare Bill closing date 1 April 2008

Description: The Scottish Government consulted on its proposals “to encourage greater public and patient involvement in the planning and delivery of local NHS services in Scotland” by direct elections to NHS Boards. Though CDAS does not have a collective position on the principle of such elections, this short response makes a few points essentially about the continuing need for community development and broader means of engagement with communities whatever system is adopted.

Consultation Document Local healthcare bill – CDAS Response

Consultation: Better Health, Better Care: A Discussion Document

Closing date: 12 November 2007

Description: “A discussion about the priorities for health and wellbeing in Scotland”. “It describes the building blocks of our approach and demonstrates our commitment to engagement and involvement in everything we do. It poses a series of questions to give you the chance to shape the action plan we will publish in December 2007. This will be a detailed plan, with a timetable for action for NHSScotland at national, regional and local level, as well as a series of commitments from our key delivery partners.”

Consultation Document Health care – CDAS Response

CHEX Response

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