“Development, Democracy and Dark Matter”
The Studio, 67 Hope St.  Glasgow, G2 6AE
April 17th 2018

Dark matter is everywhere, it’s completely invisible, it binds things together and it can change the appearance of a space - sound familiar!! We can’t often see what it is that creates and sustains healthy, resilient, caring, communities but we know that it is there and would argue that it can be generated by community development. 

So what other elements and forces in the surrounding universe are helping or hindering successful community development?  The annual Community Development Alliance Scotland Conference this year will focus on just that.  

To boldly go- A day to reflect and speculate on the creative potential energy released by the Community Empowerment Act in local communities across Scotland; and space to look ahead at what broader participative democracy horizons might be explored via the Local Governance review.

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