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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Community development in election manifestos


We have looked at manifestos for the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary elections and extracted statements and promises that we think may be of interest to people involved in community development. For practical reasons we have confined our review to the three parties with the current highest opinion poll shares: Conservative, Labour and SNP. However, SURF has produced shorter extracts of regeneration–related pledges from seven parties, which covers some of the same issues and may be helpful.

People involved in community development are interested in a wide range of the issues covered by the manifestos, for example poverty and welfare, health improvement and educational attainment. We have concentrated here on a rather narrower range of topics, similar to those that we cover in most detail in CDAS information bulletins, particularly issues relating to community engagement and empowerment, service user involvement and democratic participation at community and local levels. The selections made are entirely our own. There is little if anything in any of these manifestos about a specific role for community development work.


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