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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Looking to our Future


The CDAS Management Group recently commissioned a short Strategic Review of our activities by Alastair Grimes Consulting. Alistair and his colleague Nick Hopkins talked to a range of members, funders and stakeholders. They reported, amongst other things, that:

  • The policy environment for CDAS is one which has a number of optimistic features … Community development is seen as a crucial feature of this empowerment process and in terms of the wider commitment to democratic renewal and equalities.
  • CDAS is seen to occupy a clearly defined space in community development, distinct from other organisations in the field
  • It is well regarded by its current (and future) funders and seen as adding real value as a conduit for views between government and its constituency.
  • It provides a number of valued services, in particular the regular e-bulletin.

They recommended that the current policy emphasis on community empowerment provides an opportunity for community development to position itself closer to the centre of Scottish Government thinking; and that CDAS’ working relationships with a number of key organisations should be strengthened. These and other practical recommendations will now be taken forward by the CDAS Management Group.


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