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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Our 100th Bulletin


CDAS has published its  one hundredth information bulletin. Originally sent to 35 people, it now goes direct to 602 people and is passed on, we know, to 100s more.

In our first bulletin in June 2007 we recorded, amongst other things:

  • The new appointment of Nicola Sturgeon as Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, and other colleagues
  • Establishment of ‘Local People Leading’, now the Scottish Community Alliance
  • Work underway to establish a new Community Learning and Development Standards Council.

In one of the first couple of bulletins we noted that “The latest issue of Community Development Journal contains an article about ‘humour in community activism’ which ‘describes how activists use humour to enliven popular education, and to create liminal atmospheres conducive to non-violent conversion’”. We asked if members had any good jokes about community development. We have still had no responses.



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