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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Consultation on the Future of the Scottish Planning System


The Scottish Government has set out 20 proposals for changing the planning system and launched a public consultation that runs until 4 April 2017, as a step towards a new planning bill, to be brought forward this year. This follows an independent review of the existing system.

A brief article from SURF provides a useful overview of the key proposals in the consultation. The report proposes a new right for community bodies to create their own ‘place plans’ which would set out what changes they will help deliver, based on wider community consultation.

It is also proposed that during the development plan preparation process  Local Authorities should be legally required to consult community councils as well as use engagement methods more likely to involve children and young people. Research is also being undertaken to inform action on including other ‘hard to reach’ groups in planning.

Other changes include zoning more land for housing, promoting self-build and removing the need to apply for planning permission for more types of development.


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