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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Consultations on Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act guidance and regulations 1: Participation Requests


The Scottish Government has published a consultation on draft regulations for participation requests (PRs) under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. The closing date for responses is 15 June 2016.

The Act sets out a new process which will allow a community body to enter into dialogue with public authorities about local issues and services. Where a community body believes it could help to improve an outcome it will be able to request that the public body takes part in a process to improve that outcome.

This consultation seeks views on draft regulations and explains the requirements of the Act.  Public authorities are encouraged to use this information to help develop their procedures. It is expected that final regulations will be laid before the Scottish Parliament in September 2016.

The consultation covers questions such as:

  • whether a standardised form should be required for PRs
  • the ways that public authorities should promote the use of PRs
  • the ways that public authorities should support community participation bodies to make a PR and then to participate in an outcome improvement process
  • what types of communities that may need additional support should be specified in the regulations
  • how long the public authority should have to assess the PR and give notice to the community group. “Is 30 days a reasonable amount of time?”
  • what information the report of the outcome improvement process must contain.

The Scottish Community Development Centre will be supporting the formal consultation by running a parallel consultation process on the detail of the regulations and the content of the statutory guidance. It will be running a series of focus groups followed by an online survey (later in spring) to gather views. To note interest please enter your details and preferences for involvement here , or contact Andrew Paterson: andrew.paterson@scdc.org.uk


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