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Consultations on Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act guidance and regulations 2: Community Planning


The Scottish Government has published a consultation on guidance and a draft regulation for the community planning section of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act. The closing date for responses is 13 June 2016.

The consultation is quite broad-ranging, seeking ‘to provide a renewed vision for community planning’, by building on the new Act, which has put Community Planning Partnerships on a statutory footing for the first time (as opposed to the overall process of Community Planning, which was already required).

The Consultation Paper explains the requirements of the Act and provides pointers to best practice. It outlines the proposed expectations on CPPs, as well as specific detail on:

  • Local Outcomes Improvement Plans (LOIPs) – effectively the successor to Single Outcome Agreements
  • locality plans, which will now be required for some areas within the local authority (not to be confused with the above!)

The online consultation is open to any individual or organisation in Scotland. It seeks your views on:

  • The principles of effective community planning.
  • How Community Planning Partnerships are reviewed in relation to their progress. Should there be a required frequency for doing this?
  • The population sizes of locality planning areas.
  • Equalities issues related to the LOIPs and locality plans.

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