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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Expansion of English Community Organisers programme


Community Organisers Ltd (COLtd) has announced that it has secured a £4.2m contract from the Office of Civil Society, part of the Department of Culture Media and Sport, to expand the number of Community Organisers in England from 6,500 to 10,000 by 2020. COLtd is the independent body that grew out of the original 2011 – 2015 Community Organisers Programme.

Community organising is the work of building relationships and networks in communities to activate people and create social and political change through collective action. Community Organisers listen individually to residents, identify and inspire local leaders and bring people together to take action on the issues they all care about. COLtd will launch a £1.3 million grant fund to embed community organising at a neighbourhood level, empowering Community Organisers and local leaders to work with local and national partners.

The programme will also establish the National Academy for Community Organising to sustain ongoing training.


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