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Community Development Alliance Scotland

First Minister’s Priorities Speech


In the First Minister’s Priorities Speech to Parliament she said:

“The final theme I want to talk about today is empowerment and democratic accountability. Within this parliament, we will work constructively to improve the way in which government is held to account. I have already made proposals that seek to do just that. More broadly, we will seek to empower individuals and communities. Across our country for example, at a time when the UK government is still considering repeal of the Human Rights Act, we will take a different approach. We will work with civic Scotland to establish a set of social and economic rights for all of Scotland’s citizens. By valuing and strengthening human rights, we can empower citizens and encourage better government.

And we will devolve more power to local communities. We will work with local authorities to review their roles and responsibilities and get more powers into the hands of communities. As a first step, over the course of the parliament, we will increase participatory budgeting across local authorities to at least 1% of all council spending. We will also introduce an Islands Bill to give new powers to our island communities.

And we will continue our work to get more land into community ownership and make land ownership more transparent. The Land Reform Act, passed at the end of the last Parliament, provides a strong basis for taking our land reform agenda forward and I can confirm today that over the summer we will progress our commitment to introduce a mandatory public register of controlling interests in landowners”.


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