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Community Development Alliance Scotland

History, politics & vulnerability: explaining excess mortality


 Undertaken by Glasgow Centre for Population Health, with colleagues in NHS Health Scotland, the University of the West of Scotland and University College London, this report summarises all the research that has been undertaken by the GCPH to date into ‘excess mortality’, that is, higher mortality in Glasgow and Scotland over and above that explained by differences in socioeconomic deprivation. Through a detailed examination of all the available evidence, it identifies the most likely underlying causes and, the most appropriate policy responses. The report reaffirms that the principal explanation for poor health in Glasgow and Scotland relates to the well understood effects of poverty and deprivation. The evidence shows that the additional, excess, levels of mortality observed among the Scottish population are best explained by a greater vulnerability to those factors, caused by a series of historical decisions and processes.

A separate executive summary, an infographic which visually summarises the findings and policy recommendations are also available.


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