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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Progress in implementing the CLD Regulations


Education Scotland has published Community Learning and Development (CLD) Planning: An aspect review of progress made in implementing the CLD Regulations, which complements the previously published Community Learning and Development Plans 2015-18: Planning for change in Scotland’s communities.

This review was focused on strategic level planning and arrangements within local authorities and community planning partnerships. The key messages emerging from the review include:

  • All local authorities visited had produced CLD plans in line with the Regulations but the extent to which they are fully exercising their duties to secure the provision with partners was variable.
  • There is a need to clarify what is meant by unmet need and produce succinct, clear guidance.
  • There is a clear need to support and develop leadership capacity for effective CLD planning.

The review identifies five recommendations. Working together local authorities and other CLD partners should:

  1. Build on the development of the plans including, where necessary publishing revised plans prior to the next round in 2018. …
  2. Provide a succinct summary of what CLD partnerships plan to change and improve in their areas.
  3. Ensure that regular progress reports are produced by CLD partners to demonstrate progress against specific and measureable objectives.
  4. Build on informed dialogue with participants and stakeholders in local communities to ensure the relevance of CLD priorities to their needs and aspirations.
  5. Work with the Standards Council for CLD and Education Scotland’s Policy and Improvement Team to improve the identity, confidence and leadership capacity of the CLD workforce.

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