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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2015: Attitudes to Social Networks, Civic Participation and Co-production


This report presents findings from the 2015 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey. It explores levels of social capital in Scotland by addressing a number of key questions on feelings of belonging, social networks, and civic participation. Most of the questions included in this module of the Survey were new.

Findings include:

  • 96% of Scots think that local people should be involved in making decisions about the design and delivery of their public services.
  • 68% feel they belong to their local area
  • 61% feel that improvements are possible in their local area
  • ‘In the last few years’ nearly half (46%) had either volunteered at (or helped to set up) a local community organisation, helped to organise an event, or tried to stop something happening in their local area.
  • Although ‘in the last few years’ 69% had done at least one of a wide range of things ‘as a way of registering what you personally thought about an issue?’, only 31% of this active group had done so in relation to the Scottish referendum.

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