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Community Development Alliance Scotland

The Scottish approach to evidence


 A new discussion paper from the Carnegie UK Trust and the Alliance for Useful Evidence says that Scotland has an opportunity to become a global expert on how to deliver participative public services that focus on real quality of life improvements. They highlight that there has been a shift in Scotland in recent years towards an approach to public services that focuses much more explicitly on outcomes and participation. This shift is not unique to Scotland, but the consensus for this type of approach to service delivery appears to run more deeply a across Scotland’s public and third sectors.  This places Scotland in a strong position to develop high quality evidence about how to improve lives through more joined up, participative public services.

The paper sets out 5 steps that Scotland should take:

  • Step 1: Strengthen the outcomes approach and promote the use of the National Performance Framework at local level
  • Step 2: Build a strong evidence base for the Scottish approach
  • Step 3: Develop robust and appropriate methodologies
  • Step 4: Help decision-makers, at all levels, identify and use a mix of high-quality evidence
  • Step 5: Learn from policy and evidence developments across the UK and share the Scottish experience.

Ken Gibb, an applied economist at the University of Glasgow, has written a blog briefly explaining the report.


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