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Community Development Alliance Scotland

New Irish standards for community work


The All Ireland Endorsement Body for Community Work Education and Training have produced a set of standards for community work. The aim is to provide a reference point and guide for key stakeholders that seek to support community work for the promotion of social inclusion, social justice and equality, and as an intervention for social change. These stakeholders include community workers, programme implementers, employers, policy makers, funders, organisations, groups and community work educators.

“The pursuit of social justice and sustainable development are core elements of community development and require an analysis of the changes needed in policies and laws in order to ensure that all people can benefit equally from an equitable distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges in society. Promoting a just society involves promoting policies and practices that challenge injustice, poverty, inequality, discrimination and social exclusion, and valuing diversity of identities and approaches. Promoting a sustainable society involves promoting environmentally, economically and socially sustainable policies and practices. It requires the practice of thinking globally and acting locally for the present and the future. In pursuing social justice and sustainable development, community work is concerned with the redistribution of wealth, power and resources in society. It seeks to mitigate against [sic] the effects of climate change and ensure equal access to a good quality environment for all”.


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