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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Audit Scotland: The public should be more involved in shaping social work


Audit Scotland’s report on social work in Scotland suggests it has reached a “watershed” and that the public and service users must be more involved in shaping future provision. ‘Social Work in Scotland’ says that whilst £3.1bn worth of social care is provided across the country, current approaches will not be sustainable.  By 2020, it is estimated that social work will need up to £667m a year more, unless new models of delivering services are implemented.

Audit Scotland recommend that fundamental decisions have to be taken on how services are provided in the future.  This should include:

  • More work to involve users in how services are designed, commissioned and run.
  • Councillors must have the knowledge and skills to deal with the complexities and risks involved.
  • A wide debate with local people is required on the level, nature and affordability of services.

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