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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Audit Scotland warnings: Community Planning


In its latest report on progress with community planning, Audit Scotland sets out a range of actions needed to improve community planning. These include:

The Scottish Government and COSLA should:

  • Set out a clear route map for improving community planning with … steps that will be taken locally and nationally to implement the Statement of Ambition and the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 including how the impact of these changes will be assessed
  • Establish arrangements through which good practice within individual CPPs can be identified and shared

The Scottish Government should:

  • Place the views of local communities at the heart of measuring success in public service delivery
  • Work with others to create a climate and culture where local public service leaders feel confident that they have autonomy and authorisation to decide how to respond to the specific needs of their communities

Community planning partnerships should:

  • Target their resources on a larger scale towards their priorities and shift them towards preventative activity
  • Ensure local communities have a strong voice in planning, delivering and assessing local public services
  • Promote and lead local public service reform.

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