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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Commission on Highland Democracy


The Commission on Highland Democracy has published its interim report. Key findings so far are:

  1. Decision making is exclusive. … People consider decision making to be centralised not because it takes place a long distance from them. …(but) when a small group of highly empowered individuals take decisions in a way that has little reference to anybody outside the group
  2. People want involvement and engagement. …
  3. Most respondents want to be empowered consumers of services and decisions rather than deliverers or decision makers themselves
  4. Integrated local democracy. People want engagement and involvement in the democratic process to happen as part of their day to day living rather than as a separate thing. …
  5. Balanced decision making. Communities hold the view that for good decisions to be made there is a necessary balance between three different inputs… high quality professional officer advice…, the role of the elected and appointed decision makers…, a strong element of community input.

The Commission will publish a final report in May 2017.


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