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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Future Governance of the CLD Standards Council: Consultation


The CLD Standards Council (Scotland) was established in 2008 by Scottish Government Ministers as the professional body with responsibility for setting standards in Community Learning and Development. It was assigned to Education Scotland as host agency, but is recognised separately on the basis that it should be one step removed from government. From the beginning, it has been the ambition of those involved to find a practical means of organisational development. The Standards Council has now agreed on a proposal for the way forward. The key features of this are:

  • The CLD Standards Council registering as a company limited by guarantee
  • A Board of Directors, with the majority elected by and from the registered members
  • The Board of Directors taking responsibility for the direction of the organisation within the remit agreed with the Scottish Government.
  • The Standards Council, including the staff team of civil servants, to continue to work closely with Education Scotland and the wider Scottish Government.

They are seeking views, by Friday 3rd February 2017, on the draft memorandum and articles of association of the new company.


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