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Community Development Alliance Scotland

‘Our Democracy – Act as if we own the place’


The campaign ‘Our Democracy – #ActAsIf ‘ was recently launched in Glasgow. The campaign is a collaborative endeavour by a range of civil society organisations involved in advancing the democratic renewal agenda in Scotland – including the Electoral Reform Society, Scottish Community Alliance, SCDC, Scottish Rural Parliament and many more. You can join and/or follow the initiative via the new website: http://www.ourdemocracy.scot. Blog explaining background.

If democracy is about anything it is about us running our own affairs. That is why the campaign is asking you to ‘act as if you own the place’—if the citizens of a village, town, city or country don’t own it, then who does? It is encouraging communities all over Scotland to hold ‘Act as if Councils.’ These are events where many local people gather together to talk about how they want to run that local place.


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