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Community Development Alliance Scotland

SCDC Community Empowerment Act responses


The main points in SCDC’s responses to the recent Scottish Government consultations on the guidance and regulations for the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act are as follows:

Community Planning

  • Community Planning Partnerships should be required to develop and publish a Community Participation Plan to accompany the new Local Outcomes Improvement Plan
  • Although we welcome the emphasis on tackling inequalities, at times the draft guidance for community planning should be more explicit about this.
  • there is a need to consider other parts of the Act in the guidance for community planning

Participation Requests

  • We recommend that forms, processes and guidance for participation requests should be straightforward, accessible and consistent.
  • We emphasise the need to regulate for pro-active promotion of participation requests, including staff training and public awareness raising using a range of formats.
  • Community organisations should also be supported to make participation requests and to take part in outcome improvement processes.

Asset Transfer

  • All support and material regarding asset transfer, such as registers of available assets, is accessible, clear and widely available.
  • A standard form, similar to a home report, should be developed for submitting requests for information about available assets.
  • We broadly agree with the draft regulations that community bodies should show they have support from the wider community and how they will fund their proposal in future.

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