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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Decent work for Scotland’s low paid workers


Oxfam, University of the West of Scotland and Warwick Institute for Employment Research have launched a research report into decent work in Scotland – what it is, and how far Scotland needs to go to achieve it.

More than 1500 people, mainly low-paid workers, gave their views about what ‘decent work’ means to them. Participants prioritised 26 factors that make for decent work. The report finds that Scotland is failing to deliver on these priorities for too many people. Looking at the top five priorities and using the latest data available:

  • A decent hourly rate – 1 in 5 employees are paid less than the voluntary living wage
  • Job security – 138,000 employees are on temporary contracts
  • Paid leave – 118,000 employees do not receive the statutory minimum paid holidays
  • A safe working environment – 88,000 workers report illness caused or made worse by work in the previous twelve months
  • A supportive manager – 324,000 adults in work feel their line manager does not support them .

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