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Community Development Alliance Scotland

SCVO Local funding survey


 In this report, SCVO demonstrate the difficulties and intricacies of local funding for much of the third sector.In brief:

  • If the funding situation for the sector continues as at present, much of the sector will be unable to continue its work
  • All local and regional bodies must improve their processes and their funding systems so that the third sector can function to the best of the ability.
  • Much time and energy is expended by organisations on seeking funding to stay afloat. This is time that could be better spent on achieving an organisation’s aims – delivering for communities.
  • Much funding does not allow for long-term projects or planning, meaning regular stress and upheaval for organisations, communities and individuals.
  • It is not, generally, large pots of money that are required, but rather a change in funding terms and processes – including recognising full project costs and core costs. Supportive staff at funder organisations can also help here.

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