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Community Development Alliance Scotland

The Living Home Standard


43% of people in Britain live in homes which fail to meet the ‘Living Home Standard’ – a new measure of what makes an acceptable home, developed as part of new research. Designed to be the housing equivalent of the Living Wage, the new Standard has been developed by the public. It is the product of nine months of research by Ipsos MORI on behalf of Shelter and British Gas, which involved discussion groups, workshops and quantitative surveys as well as an online community.

Most homes fall below the standard due to the impact of high housing costs, with 27% living in homes which fail on affordability. 18% live in homes which fail to meet the standard because of poor conditions, with problems including persistent pests, damp or safety hazards. The homes of almost 10% fail due to instability, largely driven by renters who feel they don’t have enough control over how long they can live in their home.


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