Community Development Alliance Scotland

Young People and Volunteering in Scotland 2016


This research examines the nature and extent of volunteering participation and attitudes towards volunteering among young people (aged 11-18 years). Summary Report Full Report

  • Youth volunteering participation has grown to 52%, nearly double the adult figure of 27%.
  • Youth volunteering is much more inclusive than expected:
    • The proportion of young people who volunteer in school time in the most deprived areas is the same as the least deprived areas (both 33%).
    • Volunteering participation by young people with a physical or mental health condition is greater than young people generally (61%).
  • However, there are still significant challenges;
    • Volunteering participation outside school declines dramatically in areas of deprivation.
    • Volunteering is highest in rural compared to urban areas (65% vs. 49%).
    • Girls are significantly more engaged in volunteering than boys (58% vs. 46%).

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