Community Development Alliance Scotland

Influencing Change: CLD in Scotland, 2001-2015

A new (downloadable) book on community learning and community development in Scotland ’Influencing Change: CLD in Scotland, 2001-2015’ (The Making of an Empowering Profession, Volume 2), edited by Colin Ross, brings together the key policy and guidance documents across all … Continue reading

Future Governance of the CLD Standards Council: Consultation

The CLD Standards Council (Scotland) was established in 2008 by Scottish Government Ministers as the professional body with responsibility for setting standards in Community Learning and Development. It was assigned to Education Scotland as host agency, but is recognised separately on … Continue reading

The cost-effectiveness of close-to-community health programmes

This Global Health Workforce Alliance report argues that critical shortages in the health workforce in many developing countries pose a significant challenge to the achievement of universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals. Increasing attention has therefore been focused … Continue reading

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