Here at Community Development Alliance Scotland we believe that Community Development is an approach to achieving social change. It is action taken through building organisation, learning and power within communities in order to promote democracy, sustainable development, equality and social justice.

Community Development Alliance Scotland is a member organisation that brings together networks and organisations at the Scottish level to promote policy and practice that supports community development.

Our aim is to raise the standards of community development through improved policy, practice and training.  We do this through collaboration with our members. 


The Scottish Government has launched the next phase of its Local Governance Review, inviting people to join a conversation called 'Democracy Matters'. 

The campaign asks five key questions about how decisions should be made at a more local level. It asks whether communities, of place or identity, should have more control of decisions and what those might be. It also asks how this should look and what new or existing decision-making processes could be used. 

The Local Governance Review was launched earlier in the year aims to find out what changes are needed to encourage a more local, participatory and inclusive democracy in Scotland.


Friockhub Ltd 

Friockhub Ltd 


A short animation summaries the review and the five questions being asked:

"In modern Scotland power must work in a way that involves and benefits everyone. To get this right, we will review how responsibilities and resources can be shared across national and local government in a way that delivers the greatest benefit to Scotland's different places. However, the starting point must be with our citizens and the power and potential within our communities themselves."

The review encourages people to hold conversations in their communities to discuss Democracy Matters and includes a community engagement fund where groups can apply for £100 - £300 to help make conversations happen. They have also published guidance about how the discussion might work and how it could be facilitated.

You can download the report here and view more information on the Scottish Government website.

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